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Who doesn't love a good story?   We easily lose ourselves in a book, movie or even a TikTok videos  Have seen the intensity in which a small children lose themselves in play? Hypnotherapy combines our natural ability to become completely engrossed with our innate ability to heal ourselves.

Our bodies and minds are amazing!  Really!  We accept the idea of a placebo effect, yet we can learn to access this same ability for healing.  Hypnotherapy bypasses critical thinking to create new response patterns.  Hypnosis is a highly focused state that helps to access internal resources to lead to emotional and physical healing.  Play therapy works similarly.  My focus on inner strength and accessing your innate ability to feel healthy and joyful and connected with others.  Like guided imagery or creative visualization, hypnosis is relaxing and comforting, but it can lead to deep healing.  

I specialize in working with people who are anxious and with children who struggle with somatic symptoms, such as headaches or digestive issues.  I work well with highly sensitive people.  Hypnotherapy can help access creativity and find our true calling. 

Because of my love for words and images, and my belief that we access wisdom most easily in trance states, hypnotherapy has been a wonderful addition to my practice, as we learn to play with imagery and magic. 

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