About Me

I am fascinated by how people grow towards a more fulfilling, connected, life.  I love to learn and to try to understand as much as possible about life, the universe and everything!  I am a seeker and healer at heart, and my work is based on connecting with others with deep respect.  I particularly enjoy working with people who may be highly sensitive or who feel like outsiders for any reason.  I help people find their innate gifts and their own paths to healing, finding inner power they may not have known they had.  Whether through play therapy, talk therapy, hypnotherapy or coaching, my focus is on helping people access their strengths and to learn to appreciate their gifts  and to overcome obstacles.  I live in the land of imagination, creativity and play, and I love to work with children and adults to help unlock their strengths and confidence.  

I started out my academic career pretty poorly as a kid, but my love of learning helped me overcome my learning issues. I went to Pomona College in Claremont, CA (a small liberal arts college) with time at Oxford University.  I was graduated with honors (including Phi Beta Kappa, Cum Laude and Sigma Xi science award).  I majored in psychology with a minor emphasis in literature, but I saved time for storytelling, juggling, and working with children who had been abused. I then received my master’s and doctorate degrees at the University of Colorado at Boulder in a joint program focusing on child clinical and developmental psychology.  I was trained as a researcher and published several articles in the area of child abuse before I decided to focus solely on clinical work.  I completed my internship and postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Colorado Health Science Center, where I completed my studies “with Merit”.  Since then, I taught graduate school courses, worked at mental health centers and in the Child Development Center at The Children’s Hospital and also JFK Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities.  I am currently in private practice full time.   

When I am not at work as a psychologist, I seek out magic wherever it hides!  My love of learning, connecting and creating remains central to who I am.   I write, make music, and create.  I enjoy nature and am nuts about animals.  Reading is a great joy! (Ender's Game and Wrinkle in Time are two of my old favorites, though I read grown up books too!)  

Feel free to contact me to get a sense of who I am and how I work.

425 S. Cherry St. Suite 600, Denver, CO 80246       303.829.9724      drtiffanywind@gmail.com