WELCOME!hat make them feel like they never quite fit in.

I specialize in helping people understand themselves by finding an accurate diagnosis to explain their experiences. Evaluations help to unlock awareness of your true self and your deepest gifts. I enjoy working with people who feel like outsiders. This can be people who are quirky and may wonder about giftedness, autism, ADHD, sensory sensitivities, tics, or being highly sensitive. I enjoy people who have gender, quirks, or cultural issues that make them feel like they never quite fit in. 

My work focuses on psychological evaluations for primarily for neurodiverse women. However, I see people of all genders and ages (from 8 up) as well. 

I believe that having a deep understanding of a person's neurology leads to self-acceptance. This allows the person to develop a pattern of self-care and self-advocacy that can be life saving. It helps people to differentiate their true self from the mask they have learned to survive. A good evaluation can open doors to changing emotions, behaviors and even lifelong neurological patterns to ease into a happier, more fulfilling life. 

I love to evaluate people for ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Learning Disabilities, giftedness, and associated issues such as  anxiety and depression. I particularly enjoy understanding when the presentation of issues does not fit the text book or standard  DSM diagnostic criteria. The information must then be interpreted within the context of the actual person and their lives. I love the challenge of discerning subtleties of diagnostic questions.

Intermittently, I have a limited number of therapy slots available. Unfortunately, I do not have availability for therapy clients at this time.  I work best with women who are growth-oriented and ready to do the deep work and  with people who are open-minded, highly sensitive, and intuitive.

Integrity, empathic understanding and respect are the tenants of my practice (along with years of training and study).    

We live in a challenging society that encourages people to doubt themselves and to step away from their true, creative, beautiful selves (regardless of neurology, ability, race, gender, or any other details).  My life's work is to help people to understand and celebrate themselves exactly how they are.   

You are on a quest for understanding and healing, and I wish you all the best in your endeavors.  

Safe travels,

Tiffany (She/Her)

3570 E. 12th Ave Suite 205, Denver CO 80206       303.829.9724      drtiffanywind@gmail.com